F5 is a multi-cloud application security and delivery company that enables our customers—which include the world’s largest enterprises, financial institutions, service providers, and governments—to bring extraordinary digital experiences to life. At Sen Spirit Technology, we believe in and provide excellence in services and technical know-how to our partners and customers. Sen Spirit Technology has been F5 value adding distributor in Hong Kong and Macau for over 10 years. We help businesses and enterprises from traffic management solutions evaluation to application level security evaluation with F5 technologies and solutions.

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A blend of software and hardware that’s a load balancer and a full proxy. It gives you the ability to control the traffic that passes through your network, optimizing performance.

Given that most breaches happen at the app level, protecting your data means thinking about app security first. Our integrated security suite, backed by 24/7 access to our security experts, protects all your apps against constantly evolving threats.

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F5 has the advanced application services you need to:

  • Develop and deploy applications in the cloud
  • Build new apps and migrate existing apps to the cloud
  • Be more agile without sacrificing quality or security
  • Overcome inefficient IT operations and scarce developer resources
  • Ensure apps are fast and always-on, for better end-user experience

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